Sunday, February 1, 2009

Obama bad, big time ...

CORRECTION (020209): Evidently this post is very wrong --which is a good thing. Here's digby's correction to her post which explains how this misinformation occured. Hopefully more and better clarification will come from the Obama administration.

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Obama's going to let the US continue to kidnap people so they can be tortured by others ... this is a dreadful moral failure on the part of Barack Obama.
Under executive orders issued by Obama recently, the CIA still has authority to carry out what are known as renditions, secret abductions and transfers of prisoners to countries that cooperate with the United States.
Digby says: "Well now we know why Obama used the same odd rhetoric as the Bush administration did: "The United States does not torture." he just left off the rest of the sentence --- "we contract it out to people who really know how to take the gloves off.""

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