Sunday, February 8, 2009

Anybody else having trouble with Verizon Natl Broadband?

... Access speed seems to range from superlative to less than a land line, but that is not the main problem. Even when the network speed is high, website pages aren't loading reliably. Sometimes they load and sometimes they don't, just a few seconds later.

A real extreme case was the C&L page which only loaded the first blog post (and no other entries or graphics or sidebars). The VZAccess Mgr indicated the network speed was quite high but nothing else was loading. The C&L post that did load included a YouTube music video so I decided to try to run it. Guess what -- it loaded and played with no problems, no delays, but the rest of the page did not load further, neither graphics nor text.

This same poor Verizon Broadband performance has occured on two computers. I've called them twice. They try to be helpful and say there is no network problems and take notes but do not know what is causing the problems. I know that Verizon reserves the right to cut off broadband service for specific reasons, but that is not, apparently, what has happened.

I'm getting access to several sites most most of the time, but C&L, Hullabaloo,, Glenn Greenwald, TPM -- I've had trouble with them all. Netflix didn't work very well. My e-mail webpage has been reliable so far, which is convenient.

This performance (or lack thereof) started this morning and has persisted each time I've logged on during the day.

P.S. Problem had disappeared when I logged on Monday morning ...

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