Monday, February 23, 2009

Say it ain't so ..

Was Binyam Mohamed brutalized at Guantanamo in the last month?

There's no reason to believe this report is not true. The US has no credibility left in these matters. Obama has to do more than tweak the edges of the US's illegal and immoral behavior.

Today's QUOTES:

Out with the Bush World, In with the Obama World.

"Anonymous sources, secret meetings, and zero tranparency. Change we can believe in?"
--Comment by JClausen to post 'Social Security: White House Triangulates Against Pete Peterson' by Jane Hamsher,

"If we're embarking on a new effort to convince the public that government can work, you don't start by bragging about starving it of resources. You can't win a fight with Republicans about cutting taxes. It's a race to the bottom and the losers are the least of society."
--Giving Away The Tax Argument by dday, Hullabaloo

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