Thursday, February 19, 2009

Worth listening to ...

Phone conference call with some real information about SS, as opposed to most media idiots' and even most of Obama administration idiots' gibberish:
Economists, Hickey Discuss Fiscal Responsibility Summit
Participants: "Roger Hickey, co-director of the Campaign for America's Future, was James Galbraith, economist and professor at the University of Texas at Austin; Nancy Altman, former top assistant to Alan Greenspan on the 1983 Social Security Commission; and Dean Baker, co- director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research."

The point is: We don't have an entitlement crisis, we have a health care crisis. It does not appear that Obama's administration, or even Obama, understands this. Or they are deliberately misleading us!

My question: Why does Obama keep choosing those who failed, big time, as his advisors. There's something really wrong with Obama's personnel and advisor choices. Unless he believes in almost nothing that he campaigned on so effectively!

Oh, and another question: Why this, more or less, secret summit with secret participants? If it's not intended to be partially hidden until after-the-fact, why is the information about it coming out in dribbles, drabs and leaks?

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