Friday, April 15, 2011

Perhaps it's a case of wanting to be fooled? ...

It just isn’t credible to believe that Obama’s new promises about these two issues. Not after he previously made them repeatedly, only to break his word when he had the chance to fulfill them.
So Obama is giving us, once again, promises that he has already broken. Gee, I suppose there may be someone to whom Obama speaks truthfully, but it certainly isn't to the people of the U.S.

Why listen to his speeches?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Surely, this is too kind ...

The President Is Missing, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: What have they done with President Obama? What happened to the inspirational figure his supporters thought they elected? Who is this bland, timid guy who doesn’t seem to stand for anything in particular?
I realize that with hostile Republicans controlling the House, there’s not much Mr. Obama can get done in the way of concrete policy. Arguably, all he has left is the bully pulpit. But he isn’t even using that — or, rather, he’s using it to reinforce his enemies’ narrative.

... it looks from here as if the president’s idea of how to bargain is to start by negotiating with himself, making pre-emptive concessions, then pursue a second round of negotiation with the G.O.P., leading to further concessions.

What’s going on here? Despite the ferocious opposition he has faced since the day he took office, Mr. Obama is clearly still clinging to his vision of himself as a figure who can transcend America’s partisan differences. And his political strategists seem to believe that he can win re-election by positioning himself as being conciliatory and reasonable, by always being willing to compromise.

But if you ask me, I’d say that the nation wants — and more important, the nation needs — a president who believes in something, and is willing to take a stand. And that’s not what we’re seeing. [emphasis added]

Well, maybe it's not so kind after all. Unless one sees Obama's actions as proof of deliberate deception during his campaign, which I guess I do suspect. Either he is deceitful and pathetic or weak and pathetic. Some choice.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's the best one can say about Obama? MIA? ...


How about: Obama has from before he was elected worked against over 90% of all Americans?

Or why not just call him what he is: a traitor to those who voted for him?
Democrats Offer Strong Pushback to Ryan Budget… Except for MIA President
Obama's done almost everything that Bush did. What makes him any better than any Republican? At least the Dems in the House and Senate would have pretended to moderate the actions of a GOP President. Instead we have then working with a traitorous pretend Dem in the White House. Really, how is that better than having them knuckle under to at ignorant, vicious and intellectually deficient President like George W. Bush?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Steeped in villainy may be a good enough description, or indictment, of the Republican Party and the majority of its members ...

... but what then is an adequate description of the majority of the members of the Democratic Party? Or at least of the of those who are 'wielding' power in the party?

In order to avoid obscenity I used the dictionary to come up with some descriptive words that might adequately express my contempt:
foolish, silly, unintelligent, idiotic, scatterbrained, nonsensical, senseless, unthinking, ill-advised, ill-considered, unwise, injudicious; inane, absurd, ludicrous, ridiculous, laughable, risible, fatuous, asinine, mad, insane, lunatic; ... crazy, dopey, cracked, half-baked, dimwitted, cockeyed, harebrained, lamebrained, nutty, batty, cuckoo, loony, loopy ...
At this point in the history of the ol' US of A it's unlikely that ridicule will influence the accumulation of sludge that remains in the party at all ... but at least I've tried to have my say before they work on killing me. I am 69 years old this month. I am reasonable healthy with no major health problems and it's entirely possible that I will live more than 10 years at which time the Thugs and malicious Dems hope to throw me into the jaws of the marvelous and cannibalistic US 'health' insurance mafia. I'm deeply sorry for those who come after me. You are inheriting an increasingly disturbed and malevelent society.

Deep Breath, Keep It Simple

Medicare is such a popular program and people are so against abolishing it that you have to really work hard to flub the debate and obscure what its enemies are trying to do to actually let it get abolished if you're trying to save it. But congressional Democrats and the White House do seem to be giving it the old college try.