Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama good ...

Nathan Newman points out an Obama Good:
"We have not had a President that so forthrightly identified the health of the nation with the health of the labor movement in many decades."
Now if we could get him to also internalize the critical nature of national health care to the health, both figuratively and literally, of the nation.


Anonymous said...

That's kind of interesting since the guy who he has chosen to head up the health care program doesn't even pay HIS income taxes! Where is he going to get the money to do all of these wonderful things unless Daschel learns to pay taxes along with the new head of the Treasury. Maybe they can get that no-good ex-governor of Illinois to pay for them. Has 'bambi' appointed anyone who doesn't have 'dirty laundry'? Or is that 'modus operandi' for the liberals?

Gail said...

Anonymous asks "Or is that 'modus operandi' for the liberals?"

I wonder, have you just begun paying attention?