Thursday, February 19, 2009

Idiots, Social Security needs to be raised ...

Social Security needs to be raised, not cut. It has been repeatedly 'cut' by playing games with the cost of living figure the government manipulates into meaninglessness. It's been effectively cut by making sure some of the work history for certain groups do not count in figuring out how much SS time they have accumulated.

I addition, the retirement age should not be increased. Are the idiots in Washington even capable of understanding that those who work at physically strenuous jobs for most of their lives may need to retire earlier, certainly not later.

Instead taking away from the people who do the work in this country what any fair and honest administration would be doing is review all the ways that SS recipients have been cheated over the years and straighten out those inequities.

But go ahead. Transfer the rest of this country's wealth to your Robber Baron friends who work so hard at their long lunches and golf course trysts. No one else matters except for paying taxes and contributing millions of small donations to your coffers. While you're at it, why not start a few more wars --the media's missing all that shock and awe-- to keep the yokels entertained. See how long the country survives; after all Bushie-baby was just so very successful with this approach. He'll be written up in the history books for years for being one of the most successful Presidents in US history --successful, that is, at utter destruction, both here and abroad. Just look around. He did just fine, follow in his footsteps and accomplish what he couldn't by putting one more nail in the SS coffin, and a lot more in the US chances of survival as a respected and effective world leader ...

Keep it up. Whereas bin Laden was probably surprised, pleasantly, that George Bush's reaction to 9/11 was tailored to increasing terrorism around the world, Bush and his evil sidekick have been predicting that Obama would follow in their footsteps. And so far, in some areas they have been right on. How long Obama can get away with turning everything he said into a lie, I don't know. Cocktails for heads of so-called 'progressive' organizations seem a poor substitute for progressive actions. But what do I know.

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