Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If Obama only works with the enemies of the people ...

... (and friends of the wealthy Robber Barons of the financial world), does that make Obama our enemy?
Social Security, Medicare Reform to Get an “Up or Down” Vote
You tell me! All sign are that Obama plans to allow the people that destroyed the financial world keep their wealth, but plans to come after seniors and the sick.

No national health care. Instead Obama is going to add injury to injury. My parents paid for their parents SS. I paid for my parents SS AND I paid in advance extra for my own SS because of the boomers. But now, this social contract has all of a sudden turned into something called an 'entitlement.' Not an investment. The Robber Barons already eliminated our investments. And as we know the only ones entitled to 'entitlements' are the wealthy Robber Barons. And it appears that Obama likes it that way.

Liar, liar, Obama's pants are on fire. (Hehe. Silly but temporarily satisfying. It's one of those things I never would has said to a person face to face ...)

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