Monday, February 16, 2009

What? ...

TPM has the following paragraph up on its front page. (Note: Once you follow the link, the heading and text differ from the lead on the first page. This is a cutesy approach and a particularly annoying format)

Exec Pay Limits Make It In Stimulus -- But Will Obama Enforce Them?

Surmounting a fierce lobbying effort -- led by, among others, Tim Geithner and Larry Summers -- Congressional Dems were able to maintain one executive pay limitation plan in the stimulus. But President Obama could still issue a signing statement essentially nixing the provision -- or simply stall on implementation. [emphasis added]
Notice how casually they are implying that they expect Obama to follow in Bush's footsteps. This is not the only example. On the issue of Karl Rove's testimony Jim White at writes "the conflict here is between "truth" and the "institution of the presidency", at least in the eyes of Obama's administration. Obama and/or his representatives are confused.

Obama was hired to set things right, not to defend the imperial Presidency.

The more important the issue, the more the media treat it like a teenager's game and thereby enabling the wrong behavior.

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