Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is Obama DOING?

Obama has been giving some good interviews. He's impressive. He speaks well. He's reasonable, intelligent and likeable in these interviews.

But what is Obama doing? What actions is he taking? He states his biggest first priority is the stimulus, but I see nothing from Obama directing what needs to be done. And almost nothing, from Democrats in general.

Since I don't watch TV I thought I was missing something, but it's not just me ...
What I Learned From NPR This Morning by tristero

In Their Faces

More Obama, Please
In addition, Obama's team, not unlike BushCo's team, plans to leave the taxpayer with the bill:
... The bankers who built this shitpile get to keep that. You just get the losses.

Capping executive salaries is supposed to give you a case of the warm'n'fuzzies, but it's nothing more than a bait-and-switch. ...
As for Daschle nomination, it hardly matters, as Obama never planned on really tackling health care anyway, which the selection of sleazy Daschle made even more clear. Obama seems to have no conception of the fact that fixing health care is integral to the problems with the American economy. No, I really think Obama thinks Social Security is a problem, but whether for the same reasons as Republicans I do not know yet. Republicans understand that Social Security plus the addition of universal health care would help build a just society that they do not want. Obama may be a Republican in disguise (like Harry Reid) or he may be deluded, inspite of his apparent intelligence.

Welcome to the New Washington, like the Old Washington, except with a President who can speak English.

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