Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Have we?

"That we have fallen so far that decency surprises? That should give us substantial pause. "

This made me cry, literally [emphasis added] ...
Unlike the staff at Abu Ghraib, the brig staff had been trained for the job. Their mission, as they saw it, was to run a safe, professional, and humane prison, regardless of who was held there. It was the political appointees in Washington, at the Pentagon and the Department of Justice, who wanted Marri to be kept in prolonged isolation. In 2005, Savage discovered that the head of security at the brig, Air Force Major Chris Ferry, “would stay all night with Marri. He’d go down to the brig and sit with him, and tell him to hold on. Chris was there at three in the morning, on the darkest nights.”...
An official, doing his job, and still behaving as a human being and not one of the BushCo monsters who were, apparently, so readily available from all professions: soldiers, sailors, marines, CIA, FBI, police, firemen, doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists (and if Obama continues to grasp more and more of the Bush/Cheney policies, soon to be ObamaCo monsters).

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