Saturday, February 7, 2009

What kind of President will Obama choose to be ...

... now that bi-partisanship has killed any meaningful stimulus.

Thanks Dems: Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer, Rahm Emanuel. It was obvious that the Thugs and the Media Braindead intended to drive the country over a cliff and you all just waffled around failing to communicate or get a handle on your own arrogant assumption that you don't need to talk to the people you are Constitutionally supposed to serve.

ADDED: Presidents Nelson, Collins Upbeat After Saving Bipartisanship

ADDED II: "... why do Democratic Senator Ben Nelson and Republican Senator Susan Collins hate American children, American firefighters, American poor, American women, American scientists and other such undesirables? Oh, they love banks and giving OUR money to financial fraudsters. But money for something like Violence Against Women programs, and suddenly everyone cries the Socialists are coming."

Today's QUOTES:

... The last thing that is disqualifying in Washington is an eagerness to profit off of one's political connections. ...
--Bob Dole's perfect description of how Washington works by Glenn Greenwald,

Obama may be able to get a few Republican Senators to go along with his plan; or he can get a lot of Republican votes by, in effect, becoming a Republican. There is no middle ground.
--Bipartisan bromides by Paul Krugman, NY Times

The people who vote for cuts on the poor after they voted to enrich the already obscenely rich should be tossed into the seventh pit of hell. Would that they could experience the hell they've created for others.
--Open Thread by Mary, The Left Coaster

Conservatism - the real kind, the kind we've endured at least since Nixon - isn't an intellectual movement in need of reform. It is extreme right thuggery epitomized by the bloated face of a fat, cigar-chomping, drug addict who makes fun of Parkinson victims and proudly boasts that he wants the president of the United States to fail.
--What Is The Appeal Of Conservatism? by tristero, Hullabaloo

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