Monday, February 23, 2009

Say it ain't so ..

Was Binyam Mohamed brutalized at Guantanamo in the last month?

There's no reason to believe this report is not true. The US has no credibility left in these matters. Obama has to do more than tweak the edges of the US's illegal and immoral behavior.

Today's QUOTES:

Out with the Bush World, In with the Obama World.

"Anonymous sources, secret meetings, and zero tranparency. Change we can believe in?"
--Comment by JClausen to post 'Social Security: White House Triangulates Against Pete Peterson' by Jane Hamsher,

"If we're embarking on a new effort to convince the public that government can work, you don't start by bragging about starving it of resources. You can't win a fight with Republicans about cutting taxes. It's a race to the bottom and the losers are the least of society."
--Giving Away The Tax Argument by dday, Hullabaloo

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Biotechnology companies don't want independent studies of their products ...

Who could have expected that the private gene manipulating companies would insist on prohibiting any study of their products not controlled by themselves? Couldn't be that they are afraid of the results and want to be in a position to censor any results they don't like?
Crop Scientists Say Biotechnology Seed Companies Are Thwarting Research.
"The growers’ agreement from Syngenta not only prohibits research in general but specifically says a seed buyer cannot compare Syngenta’s product with any rival crop. ...
[ ... ]
"Dr. Shields of Cornell said financing for agricultural research had gradually shifted from the public sector to the private sector. That makes many scientists at universities dependent on financing or technical cooperation from the big seed companies. “People are afraid of being blacklisted,” he said. “If your sole job is to work on corn insects and you need the latest corn varieties and the companies decide not to give it to you, you can’t do your job".”
In other words, just eat our genetically modified foodstuffs and be quiet while our experiment on the world works itself out.

I can see why some could start thinking that 'private sector' business is a problem when these private sector entities exert such potentially pernicious control over our food supply (not to mention private sector control of 'health care' that focuses on extreme profits rather than actual health issues and private sector manufacturing of toys and kitchen products that leach harmful chemicals and, and, and ...)

Of course, regulations and oversight, did at one time alleviate some private sector excesses. It would be encouraging to see a move in a direction of balance between the welfare of the many and the profit of the few.

A genetic engineering company prohibiting the study of its gene manipulated seeds is like a car manufacturer prohibiting anyone or any organization (eg Consumer Reports) testing vehicles which they purchase and reporting the results to the public on the characteristics of these vehicles. When you buy a vehicle, you don't sign a contract that prohibits you from learning about the product you just bought! Not that the manufacturers wouldn't like such an environment (one of the Japanese manufacturers did try to stop CR's reporting negative information about their products).

Congress needs to step in. Companies that effect the food supply must not be able to make up the rules to suit their own selfish interests.

Today's QUOTES:

What the Daddy party, remember that Republican self assigned moniker, has turned into: If this is “daddy,” it’s the dad on the billboard who owes 10 years’ worth of child support and who bears facial scars from the misfortune of being hunched over the meth lab when it exploded.

Banksters are indignant that they actually have to be accountable to anyone. They'd rather have to lay off entire floors of office workers than have to give back their precious penthouses. It's a very elite perspective.
--How Dare You Hand Me $25 Billion Dollars! by dday, Hullabaloo

... One of the things that creeps me out about the political system’s response to the crisis so far – the insolvency of the banking system in particular – are the increasingly desperate attempts to maintain a phony fa├žade of free markets and private enterprise, in an economy now utterly dependent on the federal safety net. I totally expected that from Hank Paulson and the Cheney Administration, but is Obama’s financial team really pressed from exactly the same Wall Street mold? [...] It’s not a good sign when societies routinely lie to themselves about such big, fundamental truths, which in turn suggests that toxic assets may not be the poison we most need to worry about ...
--Chocolate Covered Cotton by billmon,

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Worth listening to ...

Phone conference call with some real information about SS, as opposed to most media idiots' and even most of Obama administration idiots' gibberish:
Economists, Hickey Discuss Fiscal Responsibility Summit
Participants: "Roger Hickey, co-director of the Campaign for America's Future, was James Galbraith, economist and professor at the University of Texas at Austin; Nancy Altman, former top assistant to Alan Greenspan on the 1983 Social Security Commission; and Dean Baker, co- director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research."

The point is: We don't have an entitlement crisis, we have a health care crisis. It does not appear that Obama's administration, or even Obama, understands this. Or they are deliberately misleading us!

My question: Why does Obama keep choosing those who failed, big time, as his advisors. There's something really wrong with Obama's personnel and advisor choices. Unless he believes in almost nothing that he campaigned on so effectively!

Oh, and another question: Why this, more or less, secret summit with secret participants? If it's not intended to be partially hidden until after-the-fact, why is the information about it coming out in dribbles, drabs and leaks?

Idiots, Social Security needs to be raised ...

Social Security needs to be raised, not cut. It has been repeatedly 'cut' by playing games with the cost of living figure the government manipulates into meaninglessness. It's been effectively cut by making sure some of the work history for certain groups do not count in figuring out how much SS time they have accumulated.

I addition, the retirement age should not be increased. Are the idiots in Washington even capable of understanding that those who work at physically strenuous jobs for most of their lives may need to retire earlier, certainly not later.

Instead taking away from the people who do the work in this country what any fair and honest administration would be doing is review all the ways that SS recipients have been cheated over the years and straighten out those inequities.

But go ahead. Transfer the rest of this country's wealth to your Robber Baron friends who work so hard at their long lunches and golf course trysts. No one else matters except for paying taxes and contributing millions of small donations to your coffers. While you're at it, why not start a few more wars --the media's missing all that shock and awe-- to keep the yokels entertained. See how long the country survives; after all Bushie-baby was just so very successful with this approach. He'll be written up in the history books for years for being one of the most successful Presidents in US history --successful, that is, at utter destruction, both here and abroad. Just look around. He did just fine, follow in his footsteps and accomplish what he couldn't by putting one more nail in the SS coffin, and a lot more in the US chances of survival as a respected and effective world leader ...

Keep it up. Whereas bin Laden was probably surprised, pleasantly, that George Bush's reaction to 9/11 was tailored to increasing terrorism around the world, Bush and his evil sidekick have been predicting that Obama would follow in their footsteps. And so far, in some areas they have been right on. How long Obama can get away with turning everything he said into a lie, I don't know. Cocktails for heads of so-called 'progressive' organizations seem a poor substitute for progressive actions. But what do I know.

Party on ...

Bailed-Out Chase CEO Dimon: People Should Pay Mortgages "Even If They're Underwater"
Where were those guillotines stored?

Good question ...

What will it take?
One of the worst of the worst ...
The Definition of Smug

Today's QUOTES:

On a brighter note, the public seems to be hanging in with Obama, which is very good news: [...]

I would imagine this is because, unlike the Republicans, whose personal fortunes are all tied up in the economy failing, the rest of the country is quite anxious that the economy bounce back and they see Obama as being the best hope to lead that effort. And watching the Republicans acting like clowns, I have a feeling that impression is solidifying.

--Fortunes by digby, Hullabaloo

... It would be unpatriotic and a sign that you don't support the troops to even ponder why we should keep spending trillions on a war that was fought for no good reason. "Fiscal responsibility" only applies to government programs that directly help Americans.

--It's Not Over by digby, Hullabaloo

... thank goodness we have such big hearted and trustworthy people deciding which people are just too dangerous to be allowed their human rights or somebody might get the idea that the rule of law doesn't mean anything more than the paper its written on.

--The Day In Torture by digby, Hullabaloo

There are people who believe that Barack Obama is kind, just and good, and thus are going to have a hard time believing that he's embracing some of the most abusive Bush/Cheney policies even when he does it right in front of their faces. ...

--Charlie Savage on Obama's embrace of Bush/Cheney "terrorism policies" by Glenn Greenwald,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Have we?

"That we have fallen so far that decency surprises? That should give us substantial pause. "

This made me cry, literally [emphasis added] ...
Unlike the staff at Abu Ghraib, the brig staff had been trained for the job. Their mission, as they saw it, was to run a safe, professional, and humane prison, regardless of who was held there. It was the political appointees in Washington, at the Pentagon and the Department of Justice, who wanted Marri to be kept in prolonged isolation. In 2005, Savage discovered that the head of security at the brig, Air Force Major Chris Ferry, “would stay all night with Marri. He’d go down to the brig and sit with him, and tell him to hold on. Chris was there at three in the morning, on the darkest nights.”...
An official, doing his job, and still behaving as a human being and not one of the BushCo monsters who were, apparently, so readily available from all professions: soldiers, sailors, marines, CIA, FBI, police, firemen, doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists (and if Obama continues to grasp more and more of the Bush/Cheney policies, soon to be ObamaCo monsters).

Apparently ...

... Obama, after taking his oath to defend the Constitution, pursues a goal of protecting the office of the President from any diminution in the unconstitutional powers grabbed by Bush and Cheney.

So much for intelligence and education. What the stupid, petulant bully acquired, Obama wants.

Is there anything Obama has not lied about?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If Obama only works with the enemies of the people ...

... (and friends of the wealthy Robber Barons of the financial world), does that make Obama our enemy?
Social Security, Medicare Reform to Get an “Up or Down” Vote
You tell me! All sign are that Obama plans to allow the people that destroyed the financial world keep their wealth, but plans to come after seniors and the sick.

No national health care. Instead Obama is going to add injury to injury. My parents paid for their parents SS. I paid for my parents SS AND I paid in advance extra for my own SS because of the boomers. But now, this social contract has all of a sudden turned into something called an 'entitlement.' Not an investment. The Robber Barons already eliminated our investments. And as we know the only ones entitled to 'entitlements' are the wealthy Robber Barons. And it appears that Obama likes it that way.

Liar, liar, Obama's pants are on fire. (Hehe. Silly but temporarily satisfying. It's one of those things I never would has said to a person face to face ...)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Warning ...

The Republicans of 'no' are close to destroying California. After all they've been working on this for many years.
digby on the Land Of Fruits And Nuts
"If Cali goes down, it's going to take a lot of the rest of the country with it. This is no joke."

Media Finally Calls BS On Republicans

by: Robert in Monterey

Mon Feb 16, 2009 at 08:57:07 AM PST

The weekend madness in Sacramento, product of the California Republican Party and its persistent refusal to accept reality, has finally led much of what remains of the media in California to call bullshit on their obstructionism. Even high Broderists like George Skelton, who usually find a way to avoid saying it's all the Republicans' fault, today finally comes around in an excellent column that destroys the Republican notion that we can close the gap without new taxes: ...

What? ...

TPM has the following paragraph up on its front page. (Note: Once you follow the link, the heading and text differ from the lead on the first page. This is a cutesy approach and a particularly annoying format)

Exec Pay Limits Make It In Stimulus -- But Will Obama Enforce Them?

Surmounting a fierce lobbying effort -- led by, among others, Tim Geithner and Larry Summers -- Congressional Dems were able to maintain one executive pay limitation plan in the stimulus. But President Obama could still issue a signing statement essentially nixing the provision -- or simply stall on implementation. [emphasis added]
Notice how casually they are implying that they expect Obama to follow in Bush's footsteps. This is not the only example. On the issue of Karl Rove's testimony Jim White at writes "the conflict here is between "truth" and the "institution of the presidency", at least in the eyes of Obama's administration. Obama and/or his representatives are confused.

Obama was hired to set things right, not to defend the imperial Presidency.

The more important the issue, the more the media treat it like a teenager's game and thereby enabling the wrong behavior.

Are we really just going to let this stuff go? Really? ...

What digby says:
The medical personnel involvement is sick and after all the stuff about force feeding and using prisoners' psychological profiles for interrogation purposes, I guess I'm not as surprised as Horton is. But the fact that the white house consciously and knowingly used anal rape to control, interrogate and punish prisoners and went to some length to protect those who were doing it from scrutiny, still has the power to stun me.

Are we really just going to let this stuff go? Really?
Are we? Are we, Obama? Are you really going to give in to this? Is this the world you choose for your daughters. Because, this WILL happen again if we don't make it clear that there are consequences for the people who did these things, specially for the people who ordered them or ignored or hid them from view. Did we prosecute all those people at Nuremberg only because they were NOT Americans?

The difference ...

... is the ability to learn when presented with new information. Even more, the difference is an open mindedness to new knowledge and even a seeking out of what might yet be knowable.

The post that set me to write the above convoluted sentence is The Road Goes Ever Onward. The title entices, the post demonstrates an open and enquiring mind. The subject matter (of the post) is also of interest.

An article to read ...

[emphasis added]
Conservatism Is Dead by
An intellectual autopsy of the movement.

"What conservatives have yet to do is confront the large but inescapable truth that movement conservatism is exhausted and quite possibly dead. And yet they should, because the death of movement politics can only be a boon to the right, since it has been clear for some time the movement is profoundly and defiantly un-conservative--in its ideas, arguments, strategies, and above all its vision."
[ ... ]

"How did this happen? One reason is that the most intellectually sophisticated founders of postwar conservatism were in many instances ex-Marxists, who moved from left to right but remained persuaded that they were living in revolutionary times and so retained their absolutist fervor. In place of the Marxist dialectic they formulated a Manichaean politics of good and evil, still with us today, and their strategy was to build a movement based on organizing cultural antagonisms. Many have observed that movement politics most clearly defines itself not by what it yearns to conserve but by what it longs to destroy ... "
[ ... ]

"How did this happen? One reason is that the most intellectually sophisticated founders of postwar conservatism were in many instances ex-Marxists, who moved from left to right but remained persuaded that they were living in revolutionary times and so retained their absolutist fervor. In place of the Marxist dialectic they formulated a Manichaean politics of good and evil, still with us today, and their strategy was to build a movement based on organizing cultural antagonisms. Many have observed that movement politics most clearly defines itself not by what it yearns to conserve but by what it longs to destroy ... "
Read the entire article here.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Social Security is not an entitlement ...

[updates below]

... we contribute to the Social Security fund in order to have funds when we retire. In fact many of us contributed double to cover the boomers.
Looting Social Security by William Greider
"When official America talks of 'bipartisan compromise,' it usually means the people are about to get screwed."
Social Security is still under attack. Democrats are giving Obama way too much benefit of the doubt about his stance on SS. Obama is a politician, not a statesman. He has too much of his life ahead of him to take stands for the good of the country alone (Constitutionally he is a failure).

I have every confidence that Obama will willingly help destroy Social Security and hand the funds to the rich if he thinks he can find excuses to do so. That is the plan. Obama is pragmatic and malleable, not principled.

Added: Glenn Greenwald, as usual, anticipates. His post today explains why Liberals are getting screwed by Obama and why it will continue unless we start making it clear what we expect, as apposed to just offering up the kind of subservience the Bush followers exhibited.
Obama and liberals: a counter-productive relationship

Added II:
In January of this year, Paul Rosenberg at Open Left wrote about Obama's actions as reported on the Washington Post's website ...
"Obama said that he has made clear to his advisers that some of the difficult choices--particularly in regards to entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare - should be made on his watch. "We've kicked this can down the road and now we are at the end of the road," he said."
... and then puts daylight to Obama's actions ...
This is not just something he didn't run on. It is, in fact, the exact opposite of what he ran on-or at least appeared to ...
Not only is Obama's "fiscal responsibility" kick at odds with his actual mandate and his own health care proposals, it reflects a deeply ideological worldview that--far from being bipartisan or "post-partisan"--is strongly opposed by solid majorities across the political spectrum. It is the very essence of Versailles insiderism.

Who could have expected otherwise ...

Executive pay limits don't make it into stimulus legislation

Monday, February 9, 2009

Refreshing is not a big enough word ...

... for this:
Obama’s Unscreened Town Hall Audience Is Clean Break From Bush’s Supporters-Only Public Events
Nor did the thesaurus hit the mark, but circled around it: revitalizing, reviving, restoring, bracing, fortifying, enlivening, inspiriting, stimulating, energizing, exhilarating.


Ways in which government rules determine who gets the money ...

New Thinking on the Economy

Real justice ...

Mary at The Left Coaster passes on a proposal for real justice.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Anybody else having trouble with Verizon Natl Broadband?

... Access speed seems to range from superlative to less than a land line, but that is not the main problem. Even when the network speed is high, website pages aren't loading reliably. Sometimes they load and sometimes they don't, just a few seconds later.

A real extreme case was the C&L page which only loaded the first blog post (and no other entries or graphics or sidebars). The VZAccess Mgr indicated the network speed was quite high but nothing else was loading. The C&L post that did load included a YouTube music video so I decided to try to run it. Guess what -- it loaded and played with no problems, no delays, but the rest of the page did not load further, neither graphics nor text.

This same poor Verizon Broadband performance has occured on two computers. I've called them twice. They try to be helpful and say there is no network problems and take notes but do not know what is causing the problems. I know that Verizon reserves the right to cut off broadband service for specific reasons, but that is not, apparently, what has happened.

I'm getting access to several sites most most of the time, but C&L, Hullabaloo,, Glenn Greenwald, TPM -- I've had trouble with them all. Netflix didn't work very well. My e-mail webpage has been reliable so far, which is convenient.

This performance (or lack thereof) started this morning and has persisted each time I've logged on during the day.

P.S. Problem had disappeared when I logged on Monday morning ...

What a joke ...

Obama choses the very people responsible for the economy's failure as his advisors and Jon Taplin at TMP has the gall to suggest that others are responsible for Obama's failure to appear other than just-more-of-the-same.
Barack Obama got elected President because he was not the Establishment Choice. Now is the time for Axelrod, Gibbs and the "folks that brought him to the party" to reassert that The Establishment is not going to control this administration.
Taplin blames Clinton (generically, I believe) as the cause of Obama's progressive failure. It's a ridiculous argument but even if it were so it would hardly excuse Obama. It would just make him seem inept.

If fact, is Taplin trying to praise or bury Obama in the article: Podesta Should Apologize

This makes Obama look like an idiot ...

The Grassley-Isakson-Coburn-Collins-Bad Nelson Bill
So what is Obama going to do about the failure of 'bi-partisanship?' After all, it's not very bi when the Dems give up everything meaningful and the Thugs get to reward the rich and destroy the country some more. Obama won the election, not that you'd notice by the way he's surrounded himself with those who got us and kept us in economic straights and perpetual war.

Obama won the election, but apparently he does not intend to fight for those who helped him win. He's in the White House. His work stops there? He's right, it's his fault. How could he fail to understand that the Thugs do not care about the country nor the people. One wonders how he could have missed that bit but an apology's still appreciated if its the first step to new action. Where's the action, Obama?

At a minimum I wish he'd use his famous e-mail list for something other than to tell us to have house parties ...

Krugman: What the centrists have wrought: "... to appease the centrists, a plan that was already too small and too focused on ineffective tax cuts has been made significantly smaller, and even more focused on tax cuts."

To do his job, Obama will have to fight the Thugs, the media and quite a few stupid Dems. But he asked for the job. If he takes on the job we will back him. If he declines he will go down in history as a failure. As long as he tries to make the Thugs happy he reneges on his promises. He can't have it both ways ... though that appears to have been the plan based on those he has chosen to advise him on economic, security and military matters.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I really enjoy ...

... this artist's web site: Dana Cooper Fine Art

Another in a long list ...

With Bush and Cheney, one's shock-meter got so overloaded with each subsequent travesty. So is it in Arizona with Joe Arpaio.

Stephen Lemons at the Feathered Bastard writes:
We live in two Americas: Joe Arpaio's medieval Maricopa County, where barbarism reigns, and our corrupt top cop parades hundreds of Hispanics through the streets in chains, like captives taken in some feudal conflict from faded memory. And then there's Barack Obama's America, one of enlightenment, and the rule of law, and education and justice. But for the time being at least, Obama's America ends at the borders of Maricopa County.
Arpaio put on quite a spectacle, one that should humiliate Arizona, not that it will. But it is not his worst action. Arpaio has denied medical care to those in need. Arpaio houses both the sick and the healthy in tents which are too cold in winter and too hot in summer. People die because of Arpaio's action or inaction, as the case may be. There is probably nothing that Arpaio is incapable of doing, but he is still sheriff -- and that is probably the most humiliating thing of all -- that neither Maricopa County voters nor Maricopa County Supervisors nor Arizona laws nor US laws have ousted Arpaio. This has been going on for years ...

In an age of instant communications ...

... it appears that someone [Paul Eckerstrom, to be specific] who lives in Tucson will not be allowed to Chair the Arizona Democratic Party ... or could it be subversion of another type by some Arizona pseudo-Dems who don't believe in elections (you know, the kind of Dems who are really Thugs at heart).

This article 'hints' that Jim Pederson may be one of the culprits. Jim Pederson is the Democrat (Republican-lite, really) who ran such an un-energetic campaign against Senator Jon Kyl.

Harry Reid is a jackass ...

Reid Statement On Bipartisan Senate Deal On Economic Recovery Plan

He couldn't speak truth to the Thugs if his life depended on it. As it is it's a lot of other people's lives that he has failed to fight for.

It's bad enough that he either fails to perform in his job and/or deliberately enables the destroyers of this country, but in addition, he just can't stop talking drivel.

The Republicans are evil, literally. The Democrats are incompetent, literally. And there is no time left for the United States to turn itself around.

What kind of President will Obama choose to be ...

... now that bi-partisanship has killed any meaningful stimulus.

Thanks Dems: Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer, Rahm Emanuel. It was obvious that the Thugs and the Media Braindead intended to drive the country over a cliff and you all just waffled around failing to communicate or get a handle on your own arrogant assumption that you don't need to talk to the people you are Constitutionally supposed to serve.

ADDED: Presidents Nelson, Collins Upbeat After Saving Bipartisanship

ADDED II: "... why do Democratic Senator Ben Nelson and Republican Senator Susan Collins hate American children, American firefighters, American poor, American women, American scientists and other such undesirables? Oh, they love banks and giving OUR money to financial fraudsters. But money for something like Violence Against Women programs, and suddenly everyone cries the Socialists are coming."

Today's QUOTES:

... The last thing that is disqualifying in Washington is an eagerness to profit off of one's political connections. ...
--Bob Dole's perfect description of how Washington works by Glenn Greenwald,

Obama may be able to get a few Republican Senators to go along with his plan; or he can get a lot of Republican votes by, in effect, becoming a Republican. There is no middle ground.
--Bipartisan bromides by Paul Krugman, NY Times

The people who vote for cuts on the poor after they voted to enrich the already obscenely rich should be tossed into the seventh pit of hell. Would that they could experience the hell they've created for others.
--Open Thread by Mary, The Left Coaster

Conservatism - the real kind, the kind we've endured at least since Nixon - isn't an intellectual movement in need of reform. It is extreme right thuggery epitomized by the bloated face of a fat, cigar-chomping, drug addict who makes fun of Parkinson victims and proudly boasts that he wants the president of the United States to fail.
--What Is The Appeal Of Conservatism? by tristero, Hullabaloo

Friday, February 6, 2009

Obama in shirtsleeves ...

? Really? Shirtsleeves?

This a topic of news in the USA?

Must be why we are such a renowned leader among nations. For eight years we gleefully house a never-met-an-organization-he-couldn't-destroy petulant child in an adult body in the White House and next we (some of us at least) worry whether a new president takes off his jacket 'at the office.'

So proud ...

Obama on the move ...

About time ...

They say " this is not a stimulus bill. This is a spending bill. What do they think a stimulus bill is? That's the point. Really. That's the point."

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad cop, good cop? ...

I think in the long run a manager/administrator/president that utilizes an amoral enforcer in order that the manager/administrator/president can work at being perceived as such a nice guy/gal is detrimental to the workings of the office/company/country.
Rahm Throws Pelosi Under The Bus To Save Stimulus Bill
Kick 'em while they're down ...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Border Reportery conversations ...

The Job Risks

What is Obama DOING?

Obama has been giving some good interviews. He's impressive. He speaks well. He's reasonable, intelligent and likeable in these interviews.

But what is Obama doing? What actions is he taking? He states his biggest first priority is the stimulus, but I see nothing from Obama directing what needs to be done. And almost nothing, from Democrats in general.

Since I don't watch TV I thought I was missing something, but it's not just me ...
What I Learned From NPR This Morning by tristero

In Their Faces

More Obama, Please
In addition, Obama's team, not unlike BushCo's team, plans to leave the taxpayer with the bill:
... The bankers who built this shitpile get to keep that. You just get the losses.

Capping executive salaries is supposed to give you a case of the warm'n'fuzzies, but it's nothing more than a bait-and-switch. ...
As for Daschle nomination, it hardly matters, as Obama never planned on really tackling health care anyway, which the selection of sleazy Daschle made even more clear. Obama seems to have no conception of the fact that fixing health care is integral to the problems with the American economy. No, I really think Obama thinks Social Security is a problem, but whether for the same reasons as Republicans I do not know yet. Republicans understand that Social Security plus the addition of universal health care would help build a just society that they do not want. Obama may be a Republican in disguise (like Harry Reid) or he may be deluded, inspite of his apparent intelligence.

Welcome to the New Washington, like the Old Washington, except with a President who can speak English.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rillito River Park ...

... again. Four images.

Kick 'em while they're down ...

This post at TPM Cafe gives me the impression that the above is Rahm Emanuel's philosophy of life.

How very Republican of him ...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A few new photos from Rillito River Park ...

... here ...

Obama bad, big time ...

CORRECTION (020209): Evidently this post is very wrong --which is a good thing. Here's digby's correction to her post which explains how this misinformation occured. Hopefully more and better clarification will come from the Obama administration.

----------------------------------- original post below -----------------------
Obama's going to let the US continue to kidnap people so they can be tortured by others ... this is a dreadful moral failure on the part of Barack Obama.
Under executive orders issued by Obama recently, the CIA still has authority to carry out what are known as renditions, secret abductions and transfers of prisoners to countries that cooperate with the United States.
Digby says: "Well now we know why Obama used the same odd rhetoric as the Bush administration did: "The United States does not torture." he just left off the rest of the sentence --- "we contract it out to people who really know how to take the gloves off.""