Sunday, January 4, 2009

Enjoying the fruits of their corruption ...

Looking through some clip art I purchased some time ago I found this image that could, I think, portray the attitudes of this country's growing cancer of scoundrels infesting politics, media and corporations.

It will be a Happy New Year when we unseat the rascals!

Today's QUOTES:

A very disturbing article: Living on Borrowed Time in a Stolen Land by Gilad Atzmon, January 4th, 2009, Dissident Voice

And today ... a rain of cluster bombs, dropped by Israel, bought and sold by us. Last night, the US blocked – once again – a call for a cease-fire at the UN Security Council, today Senate “leaders” Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and Mitch McConnell were “standing solidly behind Israel's ground operation against Hamas.”
--Gaza Update: Cluster Bombs by Siun,

The best American analogy for Hamas is militant blacks in U.S. ghettoes in 70s, Mondoweiss

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