Saturday, January 24, 2009

All for show?

As Steve Soto writes:
How serious are all your bells-and-whistles about bringing ethics back to the Executive Branch when you immediately waive those rules just so Bob Gates can have a Raytheon lobbyist as his deputy?
What's so wonderful about William J. Lynn that he will get to represent his former employer, Raytheon. Could Obama be following Harry Reid's craven philosophy.

Today's QUOTES:

Shorter WSJ II: The decline in the unemployment rate in the middle Bush years, after Bush cut taxes, proves that tax cuts work — and had nothing to do with the housing bubble. The much larger, much more sustained decline in unemployment through the whole Clinton administration, which followed a tax increase, proves that tax increases are a terrible thing. Honest!
--Shorter Wall Street Journal by Paul Krugman, NY Times

Well, what do you know, the people have it all figured out as to the degraded state of America and who is to blame; I wonder when the big media sources, their blathering heads and pin head pundits will catch on?
--Colin Powell Tees Off A Parting Shot At Bush & Cheney by bmaz,

... the arguments used against women's suffrage a hundred years ago are almost identical to the anti-feminist arguments of today: If women change at all the sky will fall! This odd power of women to bring down both Western civilization and god's wrath on his creation is a constant theme in the articles and familiar to anyone who follows anti-feminist arguments of today.

What is also familiar is the way the power of women to wreck everything is combined with their uselessness in all other tasks except child-rearing within the home. ...
--Read It If You Dare by echidne, ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES

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