Monday, January 12, 2009

One wonders why McClatchy would publish such a delusional commentary ...

Commentary: Bush may be most consequential president since Reagan by Ross Mackenzie, Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Service
McClatchy writes of Mackensie: Ross Mackenzie is a former editorial page editor at the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch, now retired.

Mackensie writes: "On issue after issue they rejected his [George Bush's] appeals for bipartisanship ..." Ah, yes, I remember Bush's style of bipartisanship -- do as I say or else I'll stamp my footsie and hold my breath and the entire Congress said here you go divine one what else can I get you. Well, close enough. Surely as close to reality as Mackensie's scribblings.

On Social Security at least Mackensie has a point. The push back (which Mackensie considers malign worked that time). If I understand Mackensie's point of view the majority of US citizens had no right to fight his testiness' desire to turn SS over to the Wall Street:
"Yet from Social Security and judges to the surge and terror and continuation of the tax cuts, malign leftists dug in and sought to foil him on every front - to deny him any victory, any success, anywhere."
Mackensie ignores the opinions of the citizenry as did BushCo and as Congress does most of the time. SS was an exception.

Read the entire thing. Bush derangement syndrome is a sad thing.

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