Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sooooo ...


... Mr. Change (Barack Obama to be precise) is saying that he's going to set up kangaroo courts for Guantanamo detainees ... just like George Warmonger Bush? Because the US Judicial system might not do what Mr. Change wants done? The courts might set the unconstitutionally imprisoned and tortured prisoners free and Obama want to keep them imprisoned?

Constitution, human rights, Geneva Convention, Rules of War be damned?

Just like George Warmonger Bush?

UPDATE Jan 13, 2009 a.m.
So after Obama equivocates on Guantanamo, we now get a news leak assuring us that Guantanamo will be closed, but like with criminal accountability for high government officials, the biggest problem with what Obama said yesterday is ignored:
... the one issue left unresolved by the Obama/Guantanamo leaks to the NYT -- namely: whether to create a special, new process to allow use of "tainted evidence" against Guantanamo detainees -- may be the most important issue of all.

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