Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bipartisan means ...

Bipartisan means:
  • that Congress' stimulus bill will reduce the taxes paid by businesses and rich blood suckers in this country even more, at a time when we should be holding the rich to their fair share of running this country
  • that Congress will delay reversing BushCo's tax gifts to this country's rich blood suckers giving the Republicans more time to manufacture support and blackmail for making this tax giveaway permanent
  • that Obama and Dems in Congress will allow the Republicans to whittle away at legislation for the good of the people (as apposed to legislation for the rich only) such as mass transit and family planning
  • that Congress will produce a defective stimulus bill in an attempt at 'bipartisan' appeasement of Republicans and that the Republicans, after they have managed to damage the bill as much as possible, will vote against the bill anyway.
Obama chooses bipartisanship over what's right and workable and he will lose on both counts.

Obama had a significant win. I think a little partisanship, for the people of this country, is in order.

My opinion, anyway ...

Today's QUOTES:

Citi took $1.77 million of our dollars, and spent it on lobbyists.
--Sunlight is to Lobbyists as Garlic is to Vampires by masaccio, firedoglake.com

With only a week in office, Barack Obama has already fulfilled this Presidential initiation rite, as his body count -- of civilians -- already easily exceeds the number of days he's been President. ...
--Continuing Bush policies in Israel and Afghanistan by Glenn Greenwald, salon.com

... characteristics of modern mainstream discourse - roughly speaking, they include journalistic incompetence, laziness, and the knowing distribution of unadulterated bullshit ...

[...] But Lemann neglects to include a crucial qualifier, indeed the most important point of his anecdote: No one competent at reality testing or possessing a nanogram of integrity has ever compared Bush favorably to Lincoln, not even in the days following 9/11. Problem was, hardly anyone competent at reality testing or with a nanogram of integrity could get remotely near the mainstream media in those days. Problem was, the media were overrun by the kind of clowns who actually would shamelessly compare Bush to Lincoln. Problem was, that kind of preposterous comparison was acceptable mainstream opinion.

The problems remain. ...
--The Problem by tristero, Hullabaloo

... Obama has maintained this sugar plum fairy vision of bipartisanship, yet his bill manifestly does NOT value "what works" over ideology. Quite the opposite. It makes room for ideology, conservative ideology, and pre-empts provisions that would work much better in bringing back the economy. ...
--Post-Partisan Pain by dday, Hullabaloo

Instead -- with some important, isolated exceptions -- [the national media is] now more akin to defense lawyers and PR representatives for the government officials they serve. ...
--Richard Cohen fulfills the role of the American journalist by Glenn Greenwald, salon.com

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