Saturday, January 10, 2009

Round 'em up, fence 'em in, FIRE ...

The Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip have all the elements of the holocaust.

What's currently happening in Israel is not self defense no more than Bush's invasion of Iraq. Both are a depraved form of hubris that allows the more powerful party involved to perform the same acts that they denounce in others.

The Israel Air Force has dropped leaflets on the Gaza Strip warning residents that it plans to escalate its two-week-old offensive.

The army says it has dropped the fliers throughout Gaza. It says the notices are meant as a "general warning."

The notice says Israel is about to begin a "new phase in the war on terror." It says it will "escalate" an operation that already has killed more than 800 Palestinians. [via Glenn Greenwald]

Israeli's targets have been very deliberately trapped behind walls, denied food and medicine. Like a buffalo hunt in modern day America? Except the buffalos are fed and watered before the brave hunters lean on the fence and shoot them dead. These brave hunters are after healthy prey. But when the object is extermination? Well, that model has been practiced any number of times.

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