Saturday, January 10, 2009

Does he understand?

Though I'm not an Obama follower I thought he understood the problems. But like the headline from EconoSpeak, below, I'm not sure he has quite grasped how serious the situation is. He speaks as though he understands but his offerings so far don't quite match.

Our politicians appear to be having trouble shifting their thinking from handing out money to the rich. Money needs to be expended on what will benefit the country and its citizens. Not handed over with no strings or supervision to banks and other crooks. Not given as tax cuts to those who don't need it. Not used to pay insurance companies to set up roadblocks to medical care. Not given to corporations so they can keep their corporate jets and golden parachutes.

Obama’s Own Estimate of Employment Growth is Underwhelming

I understand that change is difficult. But, Obama, that's what you campaigned on.
And then there's this:
... why is Pelosi telling Energy & Environment News that the House won't be getting around to climate legislation this year? (Sub. reqd. for E&E, so forgive the link to National Review's "Planet Gore" denial site. They think this is a sign that the planet's actually cooling and Democrats are quietly burying the issue. Someone forgot to tell the scientists!)

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