Saturday, January 10, 2009

When US citizens start getting killed will the US constructively help with some of Mexico's problems?

Problems intricately entwined with US policies.

From the redoubtable Border Reporter: He Thinks We’re Idiots
Sinaloa’s Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo released the stats last week both for the state and the country: 1,170 murders in Sinaloa, compared to the 743 in 2007. And throughout the country, 5,620 murders compared to 2,561 the year before.

The Culiacán daily paper El Debate published a story last week documenting the demise of at least 12 pueblos in southern Sinaloa, abandoned because of the carnage.

For anyone who wants to make the point that Mexico’s in a state of crisis, the evidence is so never-ending, it’s almost cyclical.

The tricky part is making people north of the border care.

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