Thursday, March 6, 2008

Will the real reporters stand up ...

... or how many reporters really exist as they are difficult to locate among the establishment media.

dday writes:
So here we have a story where Obama is winning but really losing, matched by a story where Clinton is winning but really losing. Message: Democrats are losers. The entire campaign is colored with this theme: it's not about how Democrats have two talented and resilient candidates, it's that they both suck, the party is weak and about to explode. Never mind the facts.
It's not sarcasm when I ask whether 99.9% of those involved in masticating these events ever mentally left the school yard where they regurgitated their parents' words as their own absolutism.

It is now sarcasm when I state that the US needs, absolutely crying requires, an adult and responsible and honest press. It is not sarcasm when I say that what we have is quite close to the polar opposite of what any democracy would need.

I emphasize the lack of sarcasm in these statements because I am often being sarcastic or at least facetious. The lack of a responsibly adult press is more damaging to our country than anything terrorists can throw at us.

Has the US really such a need to just feel protected (as it's clear that the protection is a fantasy) that they willingly turn over their country to a juvenile president with delusions of competence and accept their news massaged by entertainers masquerading as journalists, analysts and commentators? I don't know why I present this as a question as it has already happened.

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