Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yesterdays' quotes ...

Today's QUOTES:

Ultimately, we will put the banks back in their regulatory box or they will bankrupt us all. -- Obama And Brandeis by Simon Johnson, The Baseline Scenario

... by a vote of 345-75, the Democratic-led House just joined the Senate in voting to cut off all funds to ACORN; I'm sure the courageous Congress will be doing that to Blackwater, KBR, Citibank, lawbreaking telecoms and many other corrupt corporations who own them any moment now ... -- The distracting benefits of ACORN hysteria by Glenn Greenwald, salon.com

Did Obama intend to make himself a lackey of the Banker Robber Barons, almost a court jester whose considerable power can be safely ignored until they need him to hand them some more taxpayer funds?
... this presumably uncoordinated failure to show up speaks volumes about current attitudes on Wall Street. The CEOs of our biggest banks have weighed the man and done the trade. They have no more use for this President, no fear for what he can do to them, and see no reason to show support. They have moved on – presumably back to whatever they were doing before the events of September 2008 so rudely interrupted. And their obvious presumption, contrary to the words and body language of the President on Monday, is that next time – when they need it – the representative of the taxpayer will be there for them again, with generous bailout packages and extraordinary kindness. -- Why Didn’t The Major Bank CEOs Show Up On Monday? by Simon Johnson, The Baseline Scenario

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