Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obama's failure and betrayal ...

... is reduced to "expect disappointed progressives."
Sources: Expect Disappointed Progressives After Obama's Big Health Care Speech
I still don't know if Obama is souless like Bush or just weak. Where's all those oratorical skills? They disappeared when he got into the White House. He's turned into his predecessor. He's insipid, unconcerned and arrogant. The Republican crazies hate him and actually want him dead (something, I believe, was not wished on Bush the Torturer by liberals). In an environment of vicious hate from the right, Obama chooses to alienate not only the left but everyone (a solid majority, no less) who just wants decent health care. And I though Obama was a smart man. I take it back. Obama is a bought man, bought by the group into which Bush was born.

ADDED: This is an incoherent article: Grijalva: White House Telling Reformers It Will Cease Support for Public Option

The article reports that Raul Grijalva (my rep) is concerned about calls being made or being reported as made by someone(s) in the White House about Obama dropping his off and on support for the public option. Then there a quote from who-know-who (Grijalva?) saying that who-knows-who (Grijalva?) expects "the President to live up to the promises." So is this quote from who-knows-who made at the same time as the report from Grijalva telling us that the White House is preparing the ground to undermine the public option?

Grijalva said the White House is telling health care reformers, "they will cease supporting the public option portion of the upcoming health care reform legislation"

I truly expect the President to live up to the promises he has made to America about real change and that he truly stands for uninsured Americans and working families that need and are demanding a choice of a competitive public option when he addresses Wednesday's joint session of Congress.

Without a public option, this bill is not real reform. Real reform would lower and contain health care costs, precisely what inclusion of a public option would achieve. Without a robust public option, reform will enrich pharmaceutical and insurance companies because it will lack any significant competition and incentives to drive down health care costs for consumers.

Over 60 House progressives have vowed not to vote for legislation that doesn't include a public option--enough to ensure that a bill won't pass if they follow through.

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