Monday, September 28, 2009

What will Obama do? ...

digby writes:
Howard Rich is well known to anyone who follows right wing politics, (but completely unknown to the public at large) and the fact that he supports this allegedly "grassroots" activist with a four million dollar a year endowment is the actual story. And once again, just as they did in the 90s, they are refusing to report it.

And just as they did in the 90s they blame Clinton for being a target. O'Donnell made the point in her commentary that the real difference is that the Clintons insisted on "engaging" these people whereas Obama refuses to. (I say, wait until he's got special prosecutors crawling all over him 24/7 and is being impeached and then see if he feels the need to fight back...)


Just as the financial sector learned nothing from their actions of the past two decades, neither has the press. They know they are failing but it never occurs to them that it's because they refuse to tell the real stories.
A strategy of non-engagement seems futile. Some response is required whether direct or indirect. The Clintons' gained a lot of respect through their obvious courage while being bombarded from all sides; by Republicans and a mostly one-sided prejudiced Press and all with the help of many craven Democrats. Obama's approach of following the Republican dictates and apparently ignoring the maelstrom swirling around him and at the same time kicking at various groups of supporters does not bode well for his long term popularity. Even if he implements every Republican dream they will still attempt to destroy him. As he shows no interest in delivering on any promises why should we make any effort to counter the crud that going to fly around him?

What happens to Obama's popularity if he allows health care legislation that is no more than an obvious gift to the death-panels called insurance companies to pass?

Except for those who prefer that people die when they can't afford to go to a doctor or fill a prescription, it feels like the entire country is holding their breath to see what Obama is going to do. Is he going to cater to the insurance companies or is he going to show the courage and determination needed to pass real health care legislation.

I know what I think he's going to do (or rather not do) but not everyone has lost confidence in him.

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