Monday, September 14, 2009

Too bad rancid doesn't alliterate with Pelosi like it does with Reid ...

Seems Pointless Pelosi has dumped the 'public option' which she pointlessly supported just a few days ago just as Obama starts making speeches espousing more explicit support for a 'public option' and perhaps some other real improvements in health care instead of merely mouthing platitudes while supporting nothing but what will satisfy his owners in the insurance industry.

Is this what they planned in their meetings at the White House?

And then there's this:
Pelosi Fundraiser at UnitedHealth Lobbyist’s Home
These people don't care how corrupt they look.

Does Pelosi's Softening Rhetoric Spell Doom for the Public Option?

[...] But not two weeks ago, Pelosi insisted that a health care bill without a strong public option would not pass the House. That statement was of a piece with similar statements she'd made for weeks, which were based on the progressives' insistence that health care reform's passage depended on the public option.

In other words, since meeting with Obama--who's been notably solicitous of Senate moderates, and notably dismissive of House progressives--her public language has softened notably.

Of course, this is standard operating procedure for Pointless Pelosi. I remember going through disappointment after disappointment after she was selected speaker. Now I consider her useless, pointless. She's just another one of the corporate slaves in Congress selling out their country for a fistful of gold.

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