Sunday, September 27, 2009

Giving Obama the benefit of the doubt? ...

Based on his choices of people to carry out his vision I wonder that anyone can assume that Obama ever cared about providing health care for all Americans. Certainly Rahm Emmanuel has subverted real changes for health care at every turn. Is Obama so isolated that he doesn't know this? I don't think he is. Is Obama so dense that he fails to understand the art of negotiating from strength? I find that hard to believe. Yet he gave the show away even before he started.
MOORE: And that may not. Well, of course not, because any time you don't fight for the thing you want, any time that you start off compromising, you're never going to get what you want. He started off with a compromise position -- let the private insurance companies still sit at the table, have a public option. He should have started with what he truly believes in, what he believed in, what he said in 2003, a single payer, national health care system, like all other Western countries have. We should have the same thing. [emphasis added]
Now Obama desires that we support him in giving away more of our hard earned cash to another corporate entity; this time the Robber Baron Insurance Industry [even as the Robber Baron Bankers are still rewarding their own incompetence with what Obama so willingly handed over to them]. Really, how could there be so little enthusiasm in supporting Obama's efforts to increase the profits of the murderers in the insurance industry?

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