Monday, September 14, 2009

I get email from the Prez. Well not really ...

Mitch Stewart," writes:
Call your representatives, and tell whoever answers where you are from and that you watched the President's address.

Then tell them that you want your representatives to support the President's plan, ask them where they stand -- and thank them if they already clearly support it.

Don't forget to click here to let us know what they said.
Why would I respond to a request to ask those Reps and Senators from Arizona who theoretically represent me to support Obama's plan when I don't really know what his plan is other than an awareness from past and current practices that he favors corporation over people and the rich over the majority of Americans.

Obama has a meeting with Reid and Pelosi. Afterwards Obama continues to increase his rhetoric supporting a 'public option' and Pelosi starts to wind down her once absolute support for the public option. Obama, as far as I can see still has secret deals with Robber Baron corporations already killing people over their health needs. Though Obama appears verbally to support a 'public option' he still does not appear to support the progressive who are working for it nor has he pressured the Blue Curs to cooperate. So why would I call Grijalva with Obama's message when he appears to be doing exactly what I prefer and the Prez is most likely working against both Grijalva and me.

As for McCain and Killer Kyl, we already know they only support corporations and the rich and look forward to the continued peon-ization of America. It's ironic, really, that the insurance control of health care without the balancing presence of a strong public option would support the goals of McCain and Kyl. But since it's a stupid Dem Prez doing the corporate bidding, instead of themselves, they will not support the insurance controlled legislation that will most likely pass without any public option and they will even use the horror of such legislation to help them improve their electoral chance. Stupid Dems indeed.

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