Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Max Baucus, leading the Senate Dems in stooopid politics ...

It's amazing how these Dems will prostrate themselves for Corporate money:
... The difference is that in the House bill, the money comes from taxes on the very rich; in the Baucus bill, it comes out of their own pockets. Put another way, the Baucus bill is the House bill, plus a $140 billion tax on people making around $40-80,000 per year. That’ s not only stupid policy; it’s stupid politics.
They have the majority in both Houses, they have the Presidency, they have the power and they have the excuses. No matter what the issue just enough renege on their promises (and apparently their principles unless they are ALWAYS lying) to make sure NO progressive promises are met. Isn't it interesting that Obama only does arm-twisting AGAINST human and Constitutional causes. Is there something Obama hasn't reneged on so far?

Since day one the Dems have been playing games in order to obscure their lack --and Obama's lack-- of commitment to the promises that got them elected. It's impossible to trust any of them. They only pass what their corporate bosses let them. I wonder if being reincarnated as a lobbyist after they loose their seat is a step up or down in the grand scheme of things. And I also wonder how far a lobbyist or a corporate hack Congressman is from a cockroach, reincarnation wise, that is.

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