Friday, September 18, 2009

So, is Pelosi working for the people or playing a game?...

Nancy Pelosi says House Bill will have the Public Option: Snatching Victory from the jaws of defeat
Pelosi was for a strong public option before she was wishy-washy on it.

Now she's sure the House bill will have 'a' public option, but what kind of public option does she foresee and what else will the bill have, like guaranteed income for corporate Robber Barons.

And does she plan that any good provision in the House bill survives in conference or will that be someone else's fault as usual ...

Almost all of the Dems are participating in lies just like the Republicans and it is almost impossible to tell if any of them are not doing so. One would have to look at every speech and every contorted series of self serving votes to figure it out. Very, very few will pass muster. Certainly Reid, Pelosi and Obama will not pass.

This is a very stupid way to run a country or even a Presidency. Really, even though Obama was definitely not my first choice, given the criticalness of health care I expected him to do much, much better on health care at least. The spectacle we are witnessing must mean that he never intended to go all out for health care. But there's also the chance that he's just incompetent. Bush, incompetent as he was, managed to get most of his worst desires passed by throwing tantrums. Obama, most likely, if he garners the energy to throw a tantrum will aim it at his own supporters. Smart man, what.

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