Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wouldn't it be loverly ...

... if Obama would stand up to the Thugs instead of continuing these wishy-washy Dem behaviors that are so destructive and stupid:
Dismissing these things when Republican congressmen do them and capitulating when the shoe is on the other foot is one of the things that makes people mistrust the Democrats and make them look weak. These Republican politicians are throwing down the gauntlet, taunting the president, calling him a liar to his face, saying he is going to kill old people and winking at those who are calling him Hitler. He should not be afraid to at least allude to that craziness as a problem in our politics and refrain from claiming that "extremes" on both sides are equal in the lunacy.
And then there's this:
There are two things you absolutely do not want to do when a bully tries to make your life a living hell: you do not want to ignore them and you do not want to give in to their demands. Unfortunately little Obama did just that and let Beck rant about his green jobs adviser until he felt compelled to resign. Big bad Beck gained strength, resolve, and a more active following and Obama was left wondering who among his administration was going to be targeted next. Now little Obama is not just at the mercy of big bad Beck, but also of every other conservative pundit, blogger, and politician who has been paying attention to how easily little Obama retreats and gives in. It is only a matter of time before his allies will become impatient, disillusioned, and less willing to stand up for their friend. This is a vicious cycle that leads little Obama right where the big bad bullies want him: friendless, cornered, and vulnerable. Needless to say, this is exactly what progressives need to avoid at all costs.
It's already happening. 'Bama beware. Your supporters cannot/willnot support and defend you forever if you do not defend yourself. Even though you started even before day 1 to take actions that would begin to alienate some groups of supporters I suppose there is still time for you to turn this around.

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