Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer ...

UPDATE below. UPDATE II below.
With these three so called Democrats the US is in no better hands than with the corrupt Republicans. Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer, and some others Democrats, are following the Republican Constitution destroying and illegal warmongering agendas. They are just doing so at a slower pace while attempting to keep their manipulations secret. That means they want the same things Bush wants. There's no other believable explanation. Working in secret against their own. I thought Reid and Pelosi were incompetent and weak. Instead they were Judas.

So here's your choice. Destroy the country at breakneck speed with the Republicans or at a slower pace with the Democrats (and not all that much slower, a fact they're shoving in our face this week).

That doesn't seem to be much of a choice after all. And where does the saviour Obama stand in this. 'Leading' somewhere off to the side exuding hope but 'above' the fray ... ? Speaking of hope, I was actually hoping he might do something. But I guess that's the wrong kind of hope ...

For the dirty details read:
Targeting Steny Hoyer for his contempt for the rule of law
A Competely Totally Shocking Headline That Leaves One Slack-Jawed in Disbelief

Reid, Pelosi and Hoyer have to go. Conspiring to pass de facto telecomm immunity legislation, along with the rest of of it, while pretending they are not doing so. Setting up legislation to pass in such a way they will be free to vote against that very legislation is weasely, deceitful, corrupt and beyond the pale.

UPDATE June 18 - Here's a very succinct version of what's going on with the Democratic Congress: FISA sellouts under fire

UPDATE II June 18 - As usual, a writer at The Left Coaster expresses my disbelief and horror better than I can:
... as we all can see, if telecom immunity passes under the “leadership” of Senator Obama all bets are off. I’m terribly sorry, my own leadership has been lying to me horribly for months—I thought we had the brains and character as a Party to lead this country well again. We don’t. If we win in November I don’t know what will happen in any critical policy area, I just don’t, we don’t have the character to implement any core principle. I’m really sorry to make it appear we did.

[ ... ]

... It appears that Daily Kos, at this point, generally would be described as acquiescent to betrayal and utter disgrace in abandoning core principles. I’m truly sorry, that’s precisely the message conveyed with silence.

That will not be my path. The Democratic Party and Senator Obama will likely never see another dime of mine for at least a decade, I don’t enable psychosis and betrayal. A vote and a voice for the Little People will fulfill duty quite enough, oh yes. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the yard signs.

[read paradox's entire post]

I'll support the ACLU. Any other money I give to political organizations will go to efforts to force accountability upon these betrayers of our trust.

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