Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yesterdays' quotes ...

Today's QUOTES:

So we had the shock, it created an opportunity, we knew what needed to be done, we won the elections and progressives were ready. But in every one of these cases, the effort was cut off at the knees by a White House that was either too cautious, too unwilling to fight, or really didn't believe in what needed to be done. -- NN09 Panel: How to Waste a Crisis by Scarecrow,

Out of the mouths of foreigners: "what kind of people don't want everyone to have health care?"
-- We're Number ... 10? by digby, Hullabaloo

And just so it's clear: using the threat of terrorism to try to achieve political goals is, you know, what terrorists do. -- Glenn Greenwald quoting Atrio
Of course, all bets are off when 'we' do anything. 'Our' motives, not to mention our bombs, make all we do absolutely appropriate, if not always pleasing. --gail

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