Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kidnapping of others just hunky-dory with Obama, just like with Bush ...

The ACLU reports:
Rendition Program to Continue Under Obama’s Watch

On Monday, the Obama administration made the disappointing announcement that it would continue the Bush administration practice rendition -- the practice of kidnapping individuals suspected of terrorism and rendering them to other countries to be detained or interrogated -- but that it will monitor all cases to ensure that suspects are not mistreated. [excerpted from a newsletter from the ACLU]
Kidnapping is not mistreatment? How nuts has our country become? Do we think it is OK for other countries to kidnap our citizens? I don't think so.

Maybe there's some kind of viral infection in the White House attacking the residents. Obama seems more and more like Bush. Though Obama is no where as ignorant as Bush, he appears to be attempting to compete with Bush's stupidities. A very sad showing is our 'change' President. Evidently he is so owned by the Corporate Robber Barons that he will prostitute himself even to the point of stupidity.

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