Thursday, August 20, 2009

The penchant of Dem Leaders to scratch and claw at their progressive supporters confuses me ...

In fact I begin to wonder about Obama's comprehension. He actually doesn't appear to think he had to really deliver on anything substantive. Though he has shown in his speeches a thorough understanding of issues he does not appear to be interested in instituting any changes except those that cater to the very same people and corporations that Bush catered to.

Obama is not governing for the people. I suppose he thinks he can keep them satisfied with his pied-piper spiel and that all he has to do is concentrate on slapping down a few of what he considers his unimportant lefty supporters while ingratiating himself with Republicans and the Blue Curs all the while ignoring the right wing fanatics who have crawled back out of the woodwork.

This is not a plan ... catering to those that despise you while at the same time ensuring that those who support you will also end up despising you. No, this is not a plan.

Here's a post at Hullabaloo which says it all much better: Playing With Fire

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