Monday, August 24, 2009

More political gaming? ...

Is The White House Ready To Ditch Republicans And Turn to Reconciliation?
They noticed, did they?
After fruitlessly seeking a bipartisan compromise on health care reform for months, the White House seems to have finally realized that Republicans have no interest in compromising and that progressives are fed up with making nice. Now, the administration is preparing to go it alone, even if that means passing reform on a straight party-line vote.
Or are they just intimating that they noticed?
White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and even President Obama himself have all suggested that they don't think the GOP is serious about reaching a bipartisan health care reform compromise ...
Suggested? Like in propose, indicate, hint, imply? Gee, when the prez and ol'Rahm get ahold of an idea the recognition of which should cause them to take action they really go all out, don't they. Just gnaw at that bone for a while, guys. Maybe you'll get down to the marrow.

As far as I can tell the article is written straight, yet it is pure comedy:
The rumblings are unmistakable. What remains to be seen is how the GOP responds to the threat and, if they don't respond to Obama's liking, whether the Democrats will carry out the threat.
Rumblings? Threat? Oooooh how nicey nice Obama and Rahm-boy are. They're giving the Thugs another chance to ruin health care for the nation. Oh, you two are just so sweet.

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