Friday, August 21, 2009

Not credible ...

Gibbs: Obama Willing To Be One-Term President To Get Health Care, 'Important Things' Done
Really, if Obama thought this way he would be acting differently than he is. Obama may think he means what he says (even assuming he's really said something like this) but his actions are not those of someone working to keep as many of his promises as he can nor of someone committed to getting the most done for the people of this nation. Obama's actions are those of someone catering to the same people, interests and corporations that George W. Bush catered to. Obama is working for a very, very, very miniscule portion of the population. He has jettisoned the Constitution, justice, progressive values, individual rights, the rule of law, government openness, etc just like Bush did.

Exactly what are those things that Obama considers important?

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