Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wonder what Obama is reading ...

Is Obama prepared to consider anything beyond being obsequious to the corporations that now appear to absolutely control both the US Congress and the White House?

Obama could read and, perhaps, ponder articles such as this: The Paranoid Style in American Politics Revisited

The article's conclusion:
... there is a long and ignoble tradition of racist reactionaries taking the law into their own hands when the government fails to maintain their desired racial state. These same unregulated militias, for that is what is what they were, that were able to merge their racial agenda into anti-bolshevist crusades, fighting against the "yellow peril", union busting, or creating a Juan Crow system in Georgia are reemerging. The only difference that I can see is that this time their rhetoric is wrapped in the language of the American constitution and of the necessity of resisting tyranny. An increasingly hard-up working and middle class who were already living in terror of dislocation and poverty are now seeing threats to their well-being amplified by recession. The American dream (and reality) for such people was expressed through ownership of property. However meagre their actual possessions may be those possessions are theirs. And this, I think, rather than greed, is what fueled the "conspicuous consumption" model of post-World War II America. Anything that smacks of "socialism" really does seem to be both alien and menacing to such people. Abram and people like her desperately want to believe that they can maintain the lifestyle they've been taught they are entitled to so long as they maintain a punishing work schedule and unsustainable debt levels. As I watched the Abram video I was struck by her sincerity. She really does believe that a lifestyle that has gutted America's future is not only sustainable but that there is some sort of "free market" that can only exist under a strict construction of the American constitution. The current multiple crises in America are being brought about by treasonous, evil, and powerful others inimical to America and all it stands for and intent upon its "systematic dismantling". Abram and the town hall protesters are a symptom of something very dangerous of a long tradition of extreme right wing American militancy that, should it be allowed to once again flourish unchecked, will make the misdeeds of Timothy McVeigh pale into insignificance. [emphasis added]
These people were creepily asleep under George W. Bush. Is Barack Obama oblivious of where we may be headed. Does he think he's only dealing with the politics of ignore the Lefties and satisfy the Robber Barons. It's become increasing clear that Obama never intended to even try to satisfy his mandate to work for the people of this country. The people who elected him will desert him and the rest, including his Robber Baron friends most likely, will destroy his Presidency.

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