Sunday, May 10, 2009

UFCW, the Food City Bugaboo ...

'Pears that UFCW, the union that Food City/Bashas claim is out to get them worked out a deal with the Arizona Desert Museum where museum employees who are members of the union will effectively get less takehome pay in order to help with financial problems at the museum and to help keep their jobs.
Desert Museum workers to take unpaid time off

Members of the United Food and Commercial Workers union Local 99, which represents staffers at the museum, unanimously voted to approve the furloughs Thursday.

"Our main goal with this is to keep our people employed," Vimmerstedt said.

Now that sure looks like the big bad union that Food City is describing, doesn't it. Imagine, employees actually participating in the success of the business through organization.

Why in the US do many think employees should not have the power to organize for their own benefit if they so desire?

Can't be that one group of Americans prefers another group to be isolated and dependent? No, that couldn't be ...

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