Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ah, yes! Work with us ...

... and help us devise the 'least' objectionable Constitution destroying laws you can get us to make -- then you will own them as much as we do!
Greenwald quoting The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder:
[Obama] was blunt [in his meeting with civil libertiarians]; the [military commissions] are a fait accompli, so the civil libertarians can either help Congress and the White House figure out the best way to protect the rights of the accused within the framework of that decision, or they can remain on the outside, as agitators.
Bbbbbbbuuuuuulllllll Shiiiiiiiiittttttt

Today's QUOTES:

Shorter Joe Biden:
Lebanon, I just came here to say that democracy means voting for who we want or else. Look at the Palestinians.
-- Joe takes a trip by Dick Durata, Blog Simple

... much of the food Americans eat really isn't food but elaborately perfumed chemical goo -- Mark Bittman's Expertise by tristero, Hullabaloo

Are we just entertaining the possibility of indefinite detention because no one is ready to level with the American people that Abu Zubaydah--on whose treatment all the rest is predicated--is not who we were told he was? -- Preventative Detention and Our Crimes by emptywheel,

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