Monday, May 25, 2009

The joke's on Killer Kyl? ...

Boy I sure hope Obama asked potential [Supreme Court] nominees which they enjoyed more, drowning kittens or puppies? Kyl is going to want to know.
Wonder which Jon Kyl prefers -- kittens or is it puppies? Or maybe lizards? Or pulling wings of butterflies? Though Kyl has graduated to bigger things. Like giving away federal and state lands to the rich. Like working to destroy the successful and well funded Social Security program so he can watch the old eat cat food. Like insuring that there will be no national health care. That Medicare can not survive without health care for all. There is just so much for Killer Kyl to enjoy looking forward to ...

Today's QUOTES:

My guess (or is it only a hope?) is that we wouldn't tolerate such reckless endangerment and likely killing of innocent Americans. Why we apply a different calculation when the victims are Afghanis has always escaped me. -- Bombing Afghani Civilians Is Not a Big Deal, Except When It Is by Scarecrow,

... The President who promised a public health plan to compete against the dysfunctional, unsustainable private insurance system is letting the Senate throw advocates of a public plan for all out of the hearing room ... -- David Brooks Weeps/Shills for America’s Tortured Corporate Titans by Scarecrow,

This happens all the time: where people -- mostly self-described "conservatives" -- claim to oppose an outcome-based judiciary, yet decide if they approve of judicial opinions based on their preference for the outcome rather than legal arguments. The most obvious example was Terry Schiavo, ...
Those who scream the loudest about opposing outcome-based and politicized judicial decision-making are so often those who demand exactly that. They criticize rulings because of their dislike of the outcome, not based on any legal arguments. The Sotomayor attacks are proving that as clearly as anything else has.-- False excuses for anonymity and irrationality on affirmative action by Glenn Greenwald,

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