Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is the impression I've had about Harry Reid for some time now ...

... It's almost enough to make one believe that the inability to "get 60 votes" to support their claimed agenda is a desired, rather than lamentable, state of affairs.
So much of what Reid does seems engineered to produce results opposite to what he claims to be supporting.

And Obama is apparently supportive of Harry Reid as leader of the Senate. This is one of the reasons why, though I think Obama will get something he can point to as meeting his promise about healthcare, the actual product will not be anything like a national health care plan but, instead, something concocted by the insurance companies with Obama's cooperation to fool the rubes for a few years.

Today's QUOTES:

... the psychologists who helped the military and the CIA develop torture techniques have a special place in hell waiting for them alongside some of the most terrible people in history. ...
--Shrinking Violence by digby, Hullabaloo

... These were murders directly coming out of a program of interrogation approved and directed at the highest levels. But according to the Democratic Majority Leader of the Senate, it was the "right" decision.

And thus the law becomes irrelevant.
--If Homicide Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right by dday, Hullabaloo

Many people scoff at the notion that the American media propagandizes the American citizenry, but here one sees the vivid essence of that process. Our establishment media loves to point to and loudly condemn the behavior of other governments as proof of how tyrannical and evil they are [...] while completely ignoring, when they aren't justifying, identical behavior by our own government.

[...] complaining about the rights-abridging behavior of other countries while ignoring the same behavior from our own government is worse than a mere failure of duty. It is propagandistic and deceitful, as it paints a misleading picture that it is other governments -- but not our own -- which engage in such conduct.
--Roxana Saberi's plight and American media propaganda by Glenn Greenwald,

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