Sunday, May 3, 2009

"It is almost to the point at which if a person is not strongly aligned with a political organization, he has no voice." ...

Worry Wort wrote the above in this post.

Yes, as people, as citizens, we have no voice. And political, corporate, business and governmental organizations represent the voices of those organizations' leaders only.

While Worry Wort's has positive views of Obama, my view is that Obama deliberately ridicules the views of a large number of his own party in order to appease the media (or the village as it's being called).

That's not to imply that I would prefer McCain as President. But I am a follower when I'm listened to and have a role based on knowledge, understanding, input and consent. I am not a blind follower. Obama almost had me with FISA and then his turn around, lies and deceipt resulted in my complete distrust of him. I voted for him because my choice at that point was to vote for him or not to vote. And the fact that he glories in that position does not make me happy nor inspire me with trust.

Today's QUOTES:

In his appointments at almost every agency, Obama has demonstrated a desire to receive a wide range of opinion. But the exception is a doozy: at Treasury, the range of opinion goes all the way from Goldman to Sachs. ...
--Obama's First 100 Days: The Good, the Bad, and the Geithner by Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post

What we are seeing is a failure of the right wing to hire one half of the poor,to kill the other half of the poor, and their most likely next move is not towards a more open society, but to try and find a different group of poor people to do the dirty work.
--Comment to his own post (The Collapse of the Conservative Order and the Search for a Digital “Westphalia”) by Stirling Newberry,

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