Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Food City and Bashas and the UFCW ...

Here's an article that look's amazingly like a plant in on a site that uses 'freepress' in it's name:
Union Campaign To Destroy Grocery Chain by Warner Todd Huston, Sunday, May 3, 2009
The article ends with the following paragraph:

Proving that what workers want is of no interest to unions, rejection by employees is not good enough for the UFCW, however. The food workers union has used every weapon at its disposal to tear down the food chain and force its own will on workers and business alike.

Considering that the laws are written, at behest of big business, to make the organizing of workers as difficult as possible (for the workers, that is) this article could only be written by those opposed to any union. The power is all on the side of the businesses and any workers and the union they wish to join has a long arduous uphill battle. Thuggery, amazingly, in spite of portrayals in the press, is usually instituted by the bosses, not the workers. That is the bosses hire the thugs. And thuggery comes in many forms. Lying flyers, lawyers and law suits, firings, threats and eventually physical violence.

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