Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reid is still a guilty party ...

In fact Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi head the list of guilty parties to the FISA capitulation by a weak kneed, craven, cowardly, putrid, morally bankrupt, weasely, slithering Congress.

No matter what their individual votes Reid and Pelosi had the power to keep this disastrous bill from even coming to the floor of their respective houses. These two just do not get the credit they deserve for handing over to Bush even more than his 'republican' congress would give.

Nothing gets through to these insular wagon circling throw backs to pre-guillotine France.

Do they even understand why their popularity has plummeted. Somehow the words they spout that get them elected as Democrats never make it to the reasoning portion of their brains. Their brains must be so barricaded that concepts of Constitution, Treason, Betrayal, Integrity, Truth never come in contact with each other. They are exceptional at giving speeches about Freedom and upholding the Constitution and then voting for excrement that utterly defies both concepts.

There are too few exceptions to the 'Congresspeople as slithering snakes' portrait. Russ Feingold is one of the exceptions and expended great effort to educate a mostly hidebound and unresponsive Senate.

For a rational, reasoned and polite analysis of the FISA betrayal read Glenn Greenwald:
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And on and on ...

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