Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ed Kilgore misses the point ...

Ed Kilgore and Glenn Greenwald have articles (here and here) stating their thoughts about the blue dog pseudo Democrats.

The subheading shows Kilgore's failure to understand the issues.
Activists are calling for the heads of conservative congressional Democrats. Wait till George Bush is history, and then decide.
He calls the blue dogs conservative. They are not Democrats but just a little to the conservative side. The blue dogs are warmongers who have enabled Bush in bankrupting this country and killing its citizens, not to mention untold numbers of Iraqis and others. They look at the citizenry of the US as something to control. Not as the people they work for. The blue dogs might as well be Republicans. They have actively supported the crimes of the Bush Administration. But Kilgore would not have us hold them accountable, just like Congress will not hold lawbreakers accountable unless they are ordinary citizens and not the exalted 'leadership' of the once respected United States of America.

Kilgore writes:
And naturally, the unhappiness is leading to revived talk about a systematic effort in the future -- presumably in 2010 -- to intimidate or even defeat selected Democratic members of Congress, preeminently Blue Dogs, through primary challenges.
Kilgore would have us leave the systematic effort to keep elected Democrats 'intimidated' to the Republican party. Sounds like blue dog wisdom to me.

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