Thursday, July 17, 2008

If you can't catch the one you want to torture, torture the one you got ...

From a McClatchly Newsletter:
  • Salim Hamdan, who the U.S. now accuses of providing material support for terrorism, provided U.S. authorities with guided tours of Osama bin Laden's haunts in Afghanistan, before he was shipped off to Guantanamo. One FBI agent testified it didn't occur to him to read Hamdan his rights because he considered him an intelligence source, not a criminal suspect.

Just like the kings of old, the royal and petulant president of the United States of America is self authorized to proclaim that anyone who 'provides material support' for someone he has declared an enemy is a criminal, a terrorist, a cretin and a thief. No treatment is too low or vile that King Bushie the Second and his gang won't enjoy watching the king's 'enhanced treatments' performed on those they have declared 'beyond all hope and not entitled to grace, salvation or respite of any kind.' King Bushie has been overheard promising all his enemies, and a few of his friends, Hell right here on earth. Shock and Awe was just the beginning as far as he is concerned. Bushie has confirmed that nothing, and I mean nothing, is off the table.

So drivers, restaurant owners and their staff, mail and package delivery personnel, store owners and their staff, communications companies (except the ones in Bushie's gang) and their staff, airplane charter companies, in fact anyone who gives one of Bushie's special enemies the time of day could be, unknowingly, providing material support and thus be a special enemy of Bushie's State of Corporate America and subject to whatever Bushie desires. Bushie's desires lean toward the Medieval.

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