Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yesterday's QUOTES ...

The problem is the underlying system of representative democracy. It is no longer capable, at least as structured around the world, of providing for the common good.

It simply enables two groups of politicians with radically different rhetoric to get elected and then use the power of the state to reward the people who made it possible for them to hold office.

It’s the system. Not the people in it which is the problem.

— [Comment to Krugmans's Blog] Posted by Edward Murray

[AND an answer]

Exactly. The Republicans are no longer the party of small government (were they ever?) but rather the party of public jobs for cronies. The Democrats also share this honor.

The real division in politics is no longer between left and right, its between the political insiders, and their friends and cronies who get the government contracts, and the rest of us, who pay for it all.

— Posted by Paul

... comparing the seasonally adjusted August 2007 numbers with the average rate of sales in 2005 tells us that home sales are off 38%.

There’s an infinitesimally small possibility, one supposes, that the Pentagon will wake up to what tools and suckers they’ve been to swear allegiance to Republicans (delivering a broken Army and Marine Corps, for starters) and fire Rush from the AFR as a sign of independence, a way to show that no, the Pentagon is not the disgusting boot-licking Republican prostitute everyone thinks it is. ...

Republicanism blueprint ...
1. Take advantage of a shocking tragedy to rush through emergency legislation.

2. Award a fat private contract with almost no oversight.

3. Kick the cost of everything you've done down the road so you can pretend to be for "small government" by never paying for anything.

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