Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Dems try to avoid appearing weak by BEING WEAK ...

Warrantless Wiretapping? Carry On
Yet in the face of all this and so much more, Congressional Democrats will give George Bush both a "get out of jail free" card and a green light to continue spitting on the Constitution because they don't want to look weak?
So much for a majority. While we understand that the Democrats do not have a large enough majority to pass whatever they like, they also appear not to have a large enough majority to keep anything from passing that they don't like. While the Republicans, in the minority, can keep everything from passing just by threatening to filibuster but never actually doing it. I suppose that, after the last Republican majority Congress, where Democrats 'saved' the filibuster by NOT using it, Dems are now inclined to think that the filibuster is reserved for Republicans. I can see why Repugs would like it this way but, Dems, it ain't really so. You can use the filibuster. Really.

The Republicans are crooks, liars, hypocrites and may be prone to that wide stance in public bathroom stalls. But Democrats, are you really this stupid?

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