Monday, October 1, 2007

Remember the Democrats we put in charge to stop the war ...

If the Democratically 'controlled' Congress approves another $200 billion, for which timing alone seems to be an issue, then this $200 billion of $680 billion (that's BILLION) that's going down the war rat hole so that Republicans can make Republicans richer while claiming that the United States can't afford health care for all Americans, not even all American children; so that the Republicans can raid the SS fund and then claim it's just an entitlement, and not a payroll tax specifically targeted for the retirement of Americans (as apposed to corporations or Congress people, for which all government income is their own personal plaything and and certainly not to be shared back in any way with the populace) ... of that $680 BILLION, $290 billion will have come from the Democratic Congress.

Feel good about your representatives. They don't feel a thing about you. They think you will vote for them because you have no choice. After all as they demonstrate to us daily, they are so much better than the Republicans! Ya think?

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